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2024 Featured Partner

Join NYC Kids Fest featured partner, Dancing Classrooms, at their annual Colors of the Rainbow Team Match & Dance Party, New York City’s largest dance social and competition for kids!

Friday, June 14 at NYC Kids Fest
Richard Rodgers Amphitheater at Marcus Garvey Park

Dancing Classrooms’  Colors of the Rainbow  Team Match & Dance Party 


The Colors of the Rainbow Team Match & Dance Party is Dancing Classroom’s annual year-end celebration and ballroom dance competition for NYC students! School Teams of students from all across NYC gather to compete in the American Style ballroom dances learned while participating in the Dancing Classrooms Social Ballroom program. Judged by accomplished celebrity dancers, the Team Match competition is an exciting highlight for students, families, and teachers alike. Young people can show off their skills, build school pride, dance with one another, and experience the joy and connection of social dance like nowhere else!

This celebratory social dance event is open to the public and will feature students from 2023-24 Dancing Classrooms’ programs, special guest performances, and opportunities for all to dance! Visit for more information about the event, including how Dancing Classrooms’ schools can register to participate.

Register for Dancing Classrooms' Colors of the Rainbow Team Match & Dance Party

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About Dancing Classrooms 

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Dancing Classrooms has been New York schools' leading dance education partner for 30 years. Recognizing the importance of supporting students' well-being, we offer creative avenues for schools to cultivate their students' readiness to learn, grow, and flourish. We guide students on a journey of social-emotional growth through engaging in culturally rich and collaborative social dances.

At Dancing Classrooms, we believe in the power of dance to transform lives and enhance educational experiences. Our programs extend beyond teaching dance steps; they instill essential life skills, fostering a sense of community, respect, and appreciation for diversity. Renowned for their transformative impact, our programs nurture students’ well-being and school engagement by cultivating collaboration skills, confidence, motivation, self-respect, respect for peers, and a deeper understanding of diverse cultures.

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