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Ms. Steph STEAM . Studio Museum . Sugarhill Museum . Facepainting . Balloon Animals . Harlem Grown Food Table 

Friday, June 14 ~ 

Children’s Art Carnaval Oragami with Yasuyo Tanaka . Face Painting . Balloon Animals . Sidewalk Chalk Art . Yo Yo Workshop Fun  . Classical Theater of Harlem Theater Workshop 

Saturday, June 15 ~ 


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National Double Dutch League

Come join Harlem’s very own team--learn to jump like a pro and watch a “state of the art performance.

The probable origins of Double Dutch date back to ancient Phoencian, Chinese and Egyptian ropemakers  and the game was brought by the Dutch settlers to New Amsterdam (NYC) where the English named it Double Dutch. The game has since evolved over the years and become a favorite pasttime to sing rhymes while turning and jumping.

kidfesr 2022 #1.jpg

Kotchegna Dance Company  ~ 

Kotchegna is a corps of dancers and drummers who bring the thrill of joyful drumming and the vibrant color of traditional village dances from over 60 different tribal disciplines. Dances celebrate important moments in the villagers’ lives, from births to deaths, rites of passage, festival days and important visitations. 

The company takes the audience through several high-energy dances that display various functions such as celebration dances, initiation dances, marriage and fertility dances, harvest, and New Year’s Day dances. In between dances, there is teaching of a call and response song, as well as some sharing about the djembe and bass doundoun drums. More dancing follows, finishing off with audience participation onstage, teaching participants a few steps to dance with the drums in an exciting final demonstration.

kidfesr 2022 #1.jpg

Galli Theater  ~  

Prince Prince is looking for a princess. After a failed attempt at speed dating, the right woman shows up at his door. Only the Royal Pea Test will reveal if she is a true princess. 

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Los Colores de Frieda 

A bilingual, one-woman show about the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which combines storytelling, music, visual arts, puppets and audience participation.

Recommended for Pre-K to 4th Grade. Performed in Spanish or bilingual.

Un espectáculo unipersonal bilingüe sobre la gran pintora mexicana Frida Kahlo, que combina música, arte visual, narración de cuentos, títeres y la participación del público.

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Youth Performances ~ 

Don’t miss the fabulous Harlem School of the Arts Allstars, Hour Children Hip Hop Summer Fun Dancers, J4K& Mariama Diop, Young Gifted & Broadway, NYC KIdsfest Youth Players, Open Hydrant Kids....and more!

HSA Candyman Dancers.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 11.38.46
Flor Bromley 

Flor Bromley is a Grammy Nominated  singer/songwriter puppeteer/storyteller who educates as well as entertains but does it without hammering any cliches home.  (Chris Spector-Midwest Record)  ...Easy and gentle, your kids neeed an oasis like this in today's world.

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Music From The Sole .jpg
 More to come…!!! 
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